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Nat'l & Board Certified Therapists Denise Lowman & Laura MIller 701.223.4664

Est. In 1998

Since the beginning we have treated thousands of clients.  Over the years we have brought relaxation.  But now through advanced training, we have chosen to change our practice to dealing with myofascial issues, joint immobility, loss of motion, chronic & acute pain, headaches, sciatica and more in depth work which you might not have gotten with traditional relaxation massage.  

But be rest assured that when your pain decreases, you will be able to RELAX!


1709 N. 8th Street

Bismarck, ND  58501

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Gift Certificates

Since we offer more clinical massage

 by nature, we realize that this type of massage is not for everyone.   

Because of this, we will only 

offer gift certificates to 


Please call in advance to have your gift certificate ready and waiting when you arrive so that we do not take away from current therapy sessions.

A "Touch" Of WINTER News

With the winter months quickly arriving,  please be mindful that may need more time to get your appointment on time.  

Keep in  mind the therapist can not go any longer than your scheduled appt. time with other clients scheduled after you!    

Also the street parking can become a bit challenging when we have a lot of snow, but keep in mind that you can always park on Divide Ave. and walk the short distance to our office.  


 If you do park on the street in front of the business, please look for the walk way from the street to the sidewalk and do not block this entrance with your car.    

 Drive cautiously and don't be in a big hurry.    

If you are involved in a motor vehicle accident, we can work with your insurance company with a chiropractor or doctor's script

Cash or Credit Card?

The choice is yours, but if you pay cash, we give you a discount.   

When you view our services & prices you'll see two prices.   

   CC=credit card price

CA = discounted cash price

Appointments. . .FYI

We do not take walk-ins.    

All appointments must be scheduled ahead of time.     

You can book online (faster) or call.  

If you fail to show for your scheduled massage, or cancel without 24 hour notice, you may be asked for a credit card to hold future appointments.

if you would like to have your name added  to our cancellation list,  please contact us 

by e-mail through our website or 

call the office. 701.223.4664

Assess, Restore, & Enhance


Do you suffer from Myofascial pain?

Did you know that when the body experiences muscle weakness, the body will protect itself from an injury by laying down collagen fibers from your fascia and adhering to your skin, other muscles, bones etc. creating adhesions that need to be broken up in order for you to have full range of motion in the body and free up the nerve pathways.


Is your back pain really coming from your back?

Did you know that hip flexion (sitting) has become a new epidemic that effects us almost as much as smoking in the 70's?

Most of us sleep with our legs curled up, sit while at work, while we eat, while we watch TV, while we drive our cars and it is causing the pelvis to tip forward putting strain on the back muscles and creating adrenal fatigue due to the hip flexor muscles keeping us in a "flight & fight" state that puts a tax on the adrenal glands. So next time your back flares, you might want to have those hip flexors relaxed! Massage to your back could be making you worse if your problem is on the front. As highly trained therapists, we can determine the appropriate muscles to relax and those to stimulate to get you feeling better.


Got issues in your upper or lower body?

If you answered yes, you can almost guarantee you have issues in your hips. Fascial adhesions, tight muscles and joint immobilization will lead to joints wearing out and often will lead to unnecessary wearing that can lead to joint replacements in the hips and knees. Good news is that we can evaluate your internal and external rotation and work at freeing you up!

About Us

Established in 1998

A Christian Massage Business that has stood the test of time with therapists that are highly trained, love what they do, and love to be a tool that Christ can use to bring healing. We love to experience and share about God's goodness!  

Denise Lowman & Laura MIller are  Nationally Board Certified and licensed in the state of North Dakota.

Both have advanced training in Orthopedic assessment and treatment, Joint Mobilization, Myofascial Issues, Chinese Cupping, Repetitive Use Injuries, Hand & Feet problems, and so much more. With clinical massage, we don't want to treat the symptoms but rather the cause of your problems.

We have over 30 years of combined experience.

All Massage Therapists are not equal!

Some want to be the best. . . 

Some claim to be the best. . 

but we challenge ourselves to be a part of the best!

Call us if you want to experience clinical massage and see how we stack up!

Clients say "we are worth the wait!"

Sometimes when you choose to book, we may not have availability, but find an appointment time and book it.   Then  leave us a message in the comment box that you want to be put on our cancellation list.   When we get cancellations, we call those people first.   

Many clients rebook immediately, thus making it hard for others to get in. With just the two of us, we do have limited availability, but we try our best to get as many in as possible.