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> I didn't know that my hips were involved in my neck problems until they checked them and went to work freeing them up.  After getting hip movement again, my neck relaxed and my headaches improved.    Tracey Z  

>  I came to In Touch for Sciatic issues and after they worked my hips and got them going in both directions, they were able to get muscles to relax and I was able to get relief.    Leonard O

>  It is true, not all massages are the same, because I never have had massage therapy like these gals before.  I have been doing massages periodically for 30 + years      Joe F

>  I couldn't believe I had to wait so long to get in but it was worth the wait and I actually travel from Minnesota for my massage with Denise.    I am happy that now I no longer need surgery!     Keith A  

>  I came 16 years ago for just a reflexology session because I had my own massage therapist but during the reflexology session, Denise found issues in my legs. So I tried her massage and have never gone back to my old therapist.  When I got improvement, I stayed!   Betty P  

>  Laura is a wonderful and caring therapist. I love the work that she has done for me.  I look forward to my monthly massage time.    Del